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Who are we?

H&R Block has partnered with Fiduciary Financial Services to provide financial planning and advice.

Fiduciary delivers an easy and affordable solution that empowers Australians to plot the course of their financial future, by removing barriers of price, jargon and time, delivered through our innovative human-lead/artificial intelligence (AI) advice platform.


Value Proposition

Our purpose is to empower working Australians, by providing them with state-of-the-art digital advice technology that assists them to navigate the best route, to reach their desired financial destination. Combined with human expertise, our offering delivers affordable, tailored point-of-need financial solution to meet the client's best interest.



Money Map

We help  clients set their own course to achieving their financial objective, using our Money GPS, helping them get to the destination they need to get to, when they want... no hurry, no expensive plans, one topic at a time. Think of it like Google Maps for a financial future, but instead of planning an around the world trip, clients can pick and choose their ‘money destination’. To help reach their destination, we work with H&R Block’s clients to determine what single advice topics are needed to create their own Money Maps



We provide affordable financial advice to everyday Australians - because you shouldn't need a financial planner - just to be able to afford financial advice.

We offer single-topic advice.

Allowing clients to choose a topic that they need financial advice on, allows us to keep our prices fixed and low.

Personal Money Map Advice Fees*

* Excludes Implementation fee   

Single Topic Digital only Advice $165 including GST
Single Topic Adviser Led Advice $297 including GST (client spends 30 minutes with a qualified financial adviser)
Annual Ongoing Review  $297 including GST ($24.75 / month, tax deductible)
Comprehensive Advice $1,320 - $3,300 including GST, a traditional advice offer for multi-topic/complex needs, triaged to specialists


Single Topic Advice

Superannuation - Build your nest egg

Not only do we look at where you are now, but we make sure you are making the most of your super, so you get to where you want to go in the future. Outcomes include: making sure your investment is right for you, receiving sound strategic advice, understanding the opportunities available to you, and building your ideal retirement lifestyle.

Lending & Refinance - Pay off debt & improve cash flow

We will work with you to offer advice to make sure you are positioned in the best possible way for the future. Outcomes include, saving money, buying your first home, paying off debt faster, the ability to grow your property investment portfolio or to support your business.  

Savings & Investments - Get assets

When we know where you want to go, we will work with you to advise the most suitable places to invest, how to reach your financial goals and make sure all advice is in your best interest; all essential parts of our  Money Maps. We want to make sure your money works for you, to build the ‘nest egg’ you need for any type of savings or investment goal; whether it’s through managed investments, direct property or other areas.

Retirement Planning - Retire in style

We want you to feel excited about your retirement years, secure in the knowledge that your planning has paid-off and you achieve the lifestyle you want. Importantly we can assist to review your cash-flow needs when the time is right to finally stop working, to make sure your investments or super are working for you in a way that will give you peace of mind and security.

Insurance & Risk - Protect your family

We make sure you have the right plan in place to protect everything you are working for, ensuring you have the right insurances to protect your income if you become disabled or suffer a life-threatening illness or accident. The outcome of getting this right means the future of your family or loved ones is always protected.

Wills & Estate Planning - Help the family

Effective estate planning ensures your wealth is transferred according to your wishes, in the most financially efficient and tax effective way. The only way to distribute your assets the way you want, is to have a Will in place, however when there are changes to your financial structure, marital status, family situation or your wishes, your Will needs to be reviewed (which we recommend is about every 2 years).

Aged Care - Feel safe

If you have concerns about a family member who cannot take care of themselves, or you do not want to be a burden on your family when you need any type of care, we can offer expert advice.

We can help you make the most appropriate decision to access the right type of care, in the most financially appropriate way, to meet your needs or those of your family member.

Comprehensive Advice - Lifestyle and adventure

We can help those who want it all, working with our team to create the full financial plan, to paint the big picture and be empowered to run with it. With our comprehensive advice, you will have enough information to be able to make informed intelligent decisions across all aspects of your financial journey.

Meet Abel

Be rewarded with Fiduciary. Fiduciary is very excited to be working with the H&R Block team. We value our partnership and therefore have created ‘Abel Benefits’ – a benefits & rewards program for H&R Block employees.

Latest News

More rewards for your valuable referrals

On top of our monthly recognition program, we will now be offering an additional $5.00 for any qualified referrals to Fiduciary. This great offer will end on 30th November 2020.

Offers for your valued clients

New offers will be sent to H&R Block clients over the next few months, including cashback on refinancing loans, getting Super on track, opportunities to improve wealth through property and much more. Details will be released soon.

Portal refresh

Do you like our makeover? Contact us if you have any suggestions on what else you’d like to see on here. Plus, you will be able to view the status of your client referrals in real time shortly.